Four steps to resuming a healthy sex life after cancer

A healthy sex life can help you stay happy and healthy. However, it can be difficult to attain such a happy state of things in your sexual life, especially after being diagnosed with cancer. Depending on bad things are, you may need communication, education and even a trained professional to help you improve your sexual life. You can learn everything about spicing up your sex life after cancer diagnoses here. Just keep reading and you won’t have to worry about it ever again.

cancer sex life

Step One: Communication

The first and the most important thing to live a happy and healthy sex life is to communicate with your partner. Nothing can replace it. If you don’t communicate, there is no chance of living a healthy sex life. You have to talk to your partner about sex and discuss why it’s special for you. This will help you develop sexual intimacy and ultimately your sex bond will strengthen. Those living with a cancer can feel insecure as their body has gone through many different changes and they might feel afraid of being rejected. This is the reason you need to communicate with your partner so both can share their mutual desire to be together. If this desire is there, intimacy will come back and the couple will have romantic moments even with the physical challenges being there.

Step Two: Intimacy rehabilitation

sex life cancer

Sometimes sexual relationships can get complicated, especially when your body has gone through so many changes. The best way to overcome this problem is to think of sex as just another ‘body’ system and basic instinct. For cancer patients, doctors encourage restorative steps when working on physical therapy. Sex should be thought of nothing different – just another ‘body system’. Setting realistic goals and setting up a schedule to make them possible could be helpful for intimacy therapy just as is the case with other body systems. You will slowly set to achieve these goals by getting back to the physical functions over time. Medications and devices can be a great help especially if you are finding it a touch difficult to get in the mood.

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