River Rock Painted For Breast Cancer Awareness in Logansport

In Logansport, they have painted a rock in middle of Wabash River to show support for breast cancer. The rock was known as ‘Turtle Rock’ and it was painted green and had a black and white pattern to resemble a turtle.

With the new breast paint on it and a breast cancer pink ribbon next to the nipple, it is grabbing plenty of attention. People are stopping by and taking pictures. Desiree and David Barron wanted to grab attention for a good cause using this rock and it looks like they have succeeded in doing exactly that.

river rock painted for breast cancer

Image via wthr.com

When Barron painted the rock into a breast for the first time, it was dark and he reversed all the colors. The next morning he came back and repainted it correcting colors. David Barron has already painted a rock that resembled a breast. This time though, he choose a place that would help people see his art and actually appreciate it.

“Most people I know loved it. For two years, I’ve been kind of urged on about redoing it, so I had to do it,” he said.

He says in 2013, critics vandalized his work. David did it anonymously then, but this time, is going public.

“We never wanted to embarrass the city or anyone or families or friends,” David and Desiree said.

Looking down from the bridge, Matthew says it “looks different,” but thinks that will get people paying attention.

“I don’t think anything of it,” Jerry said. “Don’t let it bother me.”

breast cancer rock

“I don’t know what the ‘R’ is,” Pete said.

It’s actually the pink ribbon Desiree and David hope everyone notices. As for the rock, they sure noticed it last time.

“It was kind of nice. Everybody slowed down a little bit more on this road, which was always something that I liked,” Desiree said.

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